Sex is Not Love

It is widely proclaimed and wrongfully accepted as a fact that sex and love are basically the same thing. Sex and love have in actual fact very little if anything in common.

Anyone can at any point have sex with another person without having any feelings for that person. Love is not required as criteria for engaging in sexual intercourse, although the ideal situation is to love one’s significant other enough to want to physically pleasure him/her. Saying that one is “making love” when having sex is also incorrect.

Sex and love are governed by totally different parts of the soul. The entry point for sexual intercourse, giving access to the core of the soul, is at the energy exit point of a souls core, thus bringing the energy level that involves sex down to a very low consciousness level.

Love is on a high vibrational level and comes from the heart of the core of the soul. Sex, on the other hand, is on a low vibrational level, thus they cannot be related to each other. During unethical sexual practices such as promiscuity, serial monogamy or random sex, energy exchange takes place that contaminates the souls involved. However, when people have feelings for a particular individual, they naturally want to share their souls with that individual mistaking the sexual act with sharing or enhancing their love. They wrongfully mistake sex for love, because they want to use sex as medium to share their feelings of love, to grow love, become closer and be noticed.

This is serious and a person should be vigilant when thinking in this direction. Sex changes everything and the physical eye does not see the changes that take place and immense damage that is done in the spiritual realm, unless trained to have the ability to see. The mere fact that most people feel used or dirty after sex with a chosen sexual partner, is proof enough that something else has happened. Emotions are a projection of an actual event that took place in the spiritual realm. Sex and lust is on a low consciousness level, because it comes from a much lower part of the soul. Individuals still control the choice to have sex other than monogamously. Monogamous sex is also not “making love” as many call it, because there is no way love can be made or created through sex. Love is grown and developed over time for another without involving sex. Sex is a medium to stop love from developing as well as destroying it, unless the souls were unified before the first sexual encounter with the monogamous life-partner through commitments or vows.

Sex affirms and reassures interest toward a life-partner, which creates a sense of security, supplying a life-partner with a feeling of importance and being noticed that results in strengthening the already established love, but only happens this way if the souls were already joined together previously through commitments and vows. Since men are focused on sex, they can easily believe that they do not love their spouses if there is not sex present in their life-partnership or marriage. Sex gives a spouse reassurance of the other one’s ongoing interest in that person on physical level. If a life-partnership was sealed with love, the way it should be, because such love becomes Divine Love that attaches the souls together during a ceremony in the presence of witnesses where commitments are made and vows are taken, there is nothing that love could not withstand.

However, if love was not developed the right way and sealed before having sexual intercourse, vows taken or commitments made at a ceremony in the presence of witnesses are false! It is said that one must not bear false witness, but witnesses present at a wedding ceremony where a couple takes vows are in actual fact doing just that, if they know the couple was sexually active before taking their vows. The reason is that sex in itself already joined the souls together, but on a very low spiritual level, thus the couple is in actual fact already married before taking the proper procedures and vows. Most people do not understand the meaning of love, because the sex interfered with the correct perception, comprehension and experience of love.

Most people have sex as soon as possible after meeting each other, and in the process removing the possibility to develop Divine Love for each other. Love can only be grown to full capacity through non-sexual interaction. Humans were made to believe that sex is love and that another is shown love through sex. Thus humans brought Divine Love to a physical level, which it is not. This results in that sex is not experienced as a sacred act, but a shallow and general activity done with any partner of choice. When people understand a concept they could react differently when in the situation, thus the saying “Knowledge is power!”

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