Things Women Should Take Into Account Before Sex

Sex strokes a man’s ego, even if the man doesn’t intend for it to happen and that is not what a female wants. However, sex provides a false sense of power to the man, simply because it boosts his ego!

To the contrary, a female wants the man to drop his ego and see her for her uniqueness and inner beauty she possesses. When sex is offered the man becomes blind to all the other character traits and good qualities the female has. He is then only interested in the female for the sex, believing he is in love with her, but only for a while until the infatuation wears off and he realizes his true feelings. Sex prevents a man’s ability to get in touch with his true feelings.

If a woman offers sex to a man, whether he is viewed at as a potential life-partner or just for short-term dating purposes, she in actual fact sells sex and not herself, her good qualities or her personality traits.

Selling oneself must be done without sex. Sex puts both parties into a different state of mind.

Men cannot help but to have different feelings and views of a female after sex, as that is a part of a man’s primitive nature.

It is a part of a female’s primitive nature to go blind, to all the flaws the male comes with, after sex because of the emotional attachment she involuntarily makes during the sexual encounter. When those flaws get to her, in an irritating way, she tries to change him, which of course isn’t possible and this is when the problems start.

It is therefore important to take into account that both male and female change in different ways after sex, even after the first sexual encounter.

As part of the male’s primitive nature, the love that is experienced and can only be developed without sex, is attached to the respect that is felt for a female. Once that, which is the love that is attached to the respect, is established, the man would never place himself in a position that could jeopardize losing the one he has the respect for.

Sex is the best way to cut those feelings off and it happens instantaneously, because love cannot grow in a man when sex is present. Thus if one wants a man to have a change of heart, so to speak, give him sex. This has been proven with in depth research over a very long period of time, more than five decades.

Keep in mind that sex also causes a man to forget about the woman he had sex with, because sex is a cure for the need to get to know her and the interest the man has in a particular woman. It also cures him from thinking of her and the memory and just from the respect for her.

After sex a man can concentrate on his work and it becomes the woman’s job and her need to pursue him further to keep him interested, because she is emotionally attached to him and can’t let go of him. Thus the courting shifts wrongly from the man to the woman, which wouldn’t have switched if there was no sex. Sex in actual fact lets the man lose interest.

These are all a part of the male’s primitive natures and although men have become more intellectually developed, they cannot control their primitive nature and this is a part of the ‘Law of Nature’ which happens automatically.

In  actual fact, a man is powerless and has to gain the power from a woman, preferably his wife, since the man always ends up with the power after sex, which is the way God created us to share the power in a life-partnership. So women are truly stupid if they give their power away for free by giving a man sex if not married to him with all the advantages that come with marriage.

It is better to get to know each other without involving sex. First get married and then have the mind-blowing sex that is grown and developed as a sacred and special activity.

To sum up;

  • Sex cuts all the original feelings off if the man didn’t seal some kind of deal by getting married to the female after he has fully developed his feelings.
  • If the female was able to get him interested again after sex by aggressively courting him, she would never know whether he is truly in love with her when she gets him to marry her.
  • Men need a lot of non-sexual interaction, which might take a long time, to develop the right kind of respectful love for a female that would last a lifetime.
  • When this type of love just starts to develop the female gives him sex and everything inside the man changes and is cut off. Even the love stops developing and stays as it was at the point when they had sex.
  • Men always end up with the power after sex. Are you willing to give away your power for nothing and are you willing to invest in a man who doesn’t deserve to have your power?
  • Many women give men sex without doing proper research and investigation whether those men deserve to be invested in or deserve to have the power the women supply during sex. Yet females do proper research and investigation when they want to invest their money in a man, why not do the same when investing their power that comes from the core of their inner beings?
  • For both to be equally powerful, first develop the relationship, respect, values and love for each other and then engage in passionate sex, which will not result in a change of emotion and heart!
  • The man must be sure he invests in a valuable asset.

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